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Mobile Form and Workflow Management Platform

Take the paper out of the work and deliver immediate cost savings and operational efficiencies

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Digitally Transformation made easy

  • Safety Inspections and Workplace Compliance
  • Inventory and Asset Management
  • Field and Facilities Management
  • Transport and Fleet Management
  • Government and Healthcare Support Services
  • and much more…
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Guaranteed Accuracy

Filling in a mobile form digitally ensures it gets safely saved, both  locally and into the cloud and will always be exactly what you entered. This minimises all the errors that exist on paper based forms:

  • No more lost forms
  • Eliminate double entry
  • Automated records management
  • No more need to scan, file or photocopy forms
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Fast Distribution

Creating forms gives you the power to distribute them to anyone you want instantly at your fingertips. No matter if you have tens or hundreds of employees, forms are dispatched in a matter of seconds.

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Advanced Workflows

Do you have forms that need to go through several people for follow-ups or approvals? Tiikr mobilizes and manages those workflows, ensuring everyone is included and immediately notified when it’s their turn to act.

Powerful Tiikr features ready to help you

Mobile Apps

Native Apps for Apple and Android ensure user friendly reliability


Web Forms

Mobile forms are available online for office admins and managers


Offline Access

Mobile Apps work online and offline for freedom to work anywhere


Digital Signature

Get sign-offs and authorisations on the spot with signature capture


Real-Time Monitoring

Visually monitor operations in real-time. Great for managing teams


Data Export

Export individual or bulk records, ready for use in external systems


Media Capture & Annotate

Image capture and annotation tools ensures everybody sees clearly


Build Custom Forms

Avoid cookie cutter solutions and build forms to fit your needs exactly

Go Paperless with Tiikr

See immediate time and cost reductions for your business with mobile forms and workflows

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