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Paperless pathways provide business insights

You can use digital forms and workflows for so much more than just taking your business paperless.  Used strategically you can access precise, detailed insights into your entire business [...]

Sustainable businesses are the future

Going green is a sustainable business model Doing the 'right thing’, through a sustainable business was the smartest business move. For decades the notion of ‘going green’ was the opposite [...]

Introducing the wet digital signature

Why do we still keep paper records? This is a question that begs to be asked. Whilst various reasons are still given, few remain justified. One such reason is [...]

Workflows that work

Workflow management is a fundamental issue business managers and CIO's are still wrestling with in delivering real digital transformation. One of the challenges they are looking to solve, is [...]

Paying too much for online services?

Ever been keen to sign your organisation up to a new online (SaaS) service? But, also had that internal debate, ‘Do we use this enough to justify the ongoing [...]

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