Real estate is one of the most interesting industries in history. There are a great variety of  activities involved in the industry. Whether you’re a commercial property realtor, a broker, or a residential  estate agent, it’s a dynamic industry requiring an openness  to innovative trends to improve business operations. One of these trends is using digital real estate forms and workflow automation

Why Do Digital Forms Matter in the Real Estate Industry?

Paperless forms and workflow automation are now creating big waves in the real estate industry. Since lead capturing and data analysis are both crucial in this kind of business, accuracy and quality are highly anticipated. Historically, and in many cases even still , sellers and buyers were physically signing papers. But with today’s introduction of technology, the process can now be completed electronically, legally. Utilising online platforms and mobile apps offers convenience and provides more access to reach potential clients.

Inquiry forms are undeniably one of the most important things that are used in all real estate transactions. Whether it is in the process of selling or buying a property, this form is always in the picture.

For Sellers

Every real estate company is always on the lookout for promising properties. It will be helpful to create digital forms that can be used for sellers of the properties. These forms can also act as a channel to aid customers to ask questions about  specific properties. 

Mobile forms will make it more convenient for sellers to put their properties on listings since there are fields ready with the necessary requirements. Real estate people have proven that digital forms can improve the conversion of your prospects through inquiries.

For Buyers

The same convenience that digital forms can offer to sellers can also benefit real estate buyers. This is because they can easily get information on the current listings or offers. Buyers can easily view from the specific eforms making it easier to decide which is to purchase.

Other Benefits of Using Digital Forms in the Real Estate Industry

Improve Property Audits and Management

Digital forms can leverage the process of performing property inspections, especially for companies with various properties. Using an effective online form builder, digital inspection forms can be created and  used quickly and efficiently. This includes the ability to include all  the necessary parameters for audits and inspections such as photo capture, document uploads, and the like for condition reports, damage reports, or maintenance management workflows.

Property Purchase or Leasing Approvals

Digital forms and workflows provide for convenient collection of relevant information, critical document uploads such as insurance policies, fire and safety certificates, and the like, complete with legal sign-offs 

Speed up the process

Competition in the real estate industry is undeniably high. Compared to using papers for disclosure forms, using digital forms is significantly faster. You do not have to schedule a personal meeting with your client. Now, even signing can be done remotely. So, using online platforms when doing real estate transactions can save time and money for both the buyer and the seller.

Effective automatic notifications

Overwhelming papers and files can cause real estate personnel to cram and lose their focus. Using paperless forms and workflows will make it faster and easier not only for disclosures but also for other stages in any transaction. As a result, there will be more time to focus on growing the client base and improving marketing strategies.

What We Can Do

Tiikr  provides substantial efficiencies and cost-effective measures to the real estate industry with the help of digital mobile forms and workflows. Your real estate business can be improved through best practice  administrative operations, records management, and automated reporting. For more info on how we can help your real estate business, give us a call today!