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Transport & Logistics with Tiikr

For mobilized workforces Tiikr provides the ability to perform safety checks, log hours, and delivery reports complete with barcode scanning, signature and location capture. Tiikr can deliver these features online or offline, on any Apple or Android mobile device. With every form submitted, all records are automatically saved to the cloud, whilst PDF versions remain on mobile devices for emailing anywhere.

Make your work easier with powerful Tiikr features

Get your location with tiikr

Get your location

Tiikr provides easy and convenient location capture and timestamping

Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Mobile Apps

Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android let you work anytime, anywhere

Real Time Monitoring with tiikr

Real Time Monitoring

View workflow progress of your teams with our workflow visualization dashboard

tiikr allows to Work Offline

Work Offline

Tiikr’s offline feature means you can continue to operate, even when out of mobile range, in remote areas

Digital Transformation for the Transportation Industry

Track Everything with tiikr

Track Everything

Use forms to record pickup and delivery times and locations. Ensure accurately recorded data for compliance, performance, and audit records
Deliver Sign-off Confirmations with tiikr

Delivery Sign-off Confirmations

Capture delivery confirmation immediately with customer signatures inked on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet. All submitted forms and workflows can be immediately sent to accounts for invoicing
Workflows Manage Pickup and Delivery Cycle

Workflows Manage Pickup and Delivery Cycle

Use Workflow forms to instantly notify drivers for pickups, as well as track delivery, and customer sign-off in a single end to end reported workflow process
Storage and Integration with help of tiikr

Storage and Integration

All form and workflow records are automatically stored, and our integration services means we can integrate data directly into your existing accounting and management systems

Built for mobile operations

Powerful apps that capture and share data

tiikr Mobile and Web Access

Mobile and Web Access

tiikkr Action Alerts

Action Alerts

tiikr Picture Capture & Annotate

Picture Capture & Annotate

tiikr Geolocation


tiikr Bar and QR code Scanning

Bar and QR code Scanning

Custom ID with tiikr

Custom ID

Distribute Easily with tiikr

Distribute Easily

tiikr Data Integration

Data Integration

Tiikr delivers on time, every time

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