A digital form is an electronic form that can help organizations to improve productivity. Digital forms can be filled out on computers, tablets, and mobile phones from anywhere.  Creating electronic forms can be simple and fast. Digital forms have several benefits for your business such as reducing cost and time.

Custom forms

Build custom forms

Building forms electronically gives you an opportunity to customize your forms to reflect your business needs and collect important and meaningful data sets. In addition, Tiikr’s digital forms work across multiple platforms and can collect data online and offline in mobile apps.

One of the powerful uses of Tiikr’s software is to allow you to create mobile safety forms. All forms are easy to customize and are customer-friendly with no coding required.  Digital forms can improve accuracy by capturing photos, locations, and high-quality signatures.

how to get better reportingBetter reporting

Filing in forms electronically allows your employees and customers to be able to capture and share the critical information needed for reports. Important information wouldn’t be forgotten to capture in reports because each form has required (mandatory) fields to complete. Moreover, it reduces the risk of human error or less because all documents are saved securely in the cloud.

digital form is easy to accessEasy to access

Access to company files is easy, as all information that you need is uploaded to be kept safely and securely in a cloud storage space. Your team no longer needs to look for the missing file. Reports are always available for download, export, or distribution on-demand, from anywhere. Digital forms are not only easily accessible but also make your business smarter.

Eco-friendly office Eco-friendly work environment

Going paperless in small, medium, and large organizations will have a significant impact on the environment. It supports to save trees on the planet and reduce pollution. It is true that global warming has become one of the main concern in the world. You can make an important contribution to it by starting your digital forms today.