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Tiikr is something that, in healthcare practices, can have an immediate return on investment in terms of streamlining some of those paper-based workflows and patient interactions.

Deana Scott, Founder and CEO, Vmore - Virtual Medical Practice Management

It’s not money that we’re making but it’s money we’re saving.

Mark Wilkie, Operations Manager, Gough | Palfinger Australia

Tiikr has definitely put us ahead with summarised maintenance histories, improved reporting, task coordination, and streamlining a lot of processes.

Anthony Pol, Service Operations Manager, Kalmar Australia

The delivery of the information that’s provided through Tiikr and the business intelligence tools are lived and breathed by everyone in the office.

Thomas McDade, Senior Director Innovation and Commerce, Affinity Education group

Enrolment times have reduced by an average of 75% and finalised within one, rather than the previous two or three days.

Stephen Love, Managing Director – Australasian Expansion, Outsource Institute

Having it all digital on your phone, including all photos matching up with all our notes taken, makes it hugely more efficient.

Stuart Buck, Environmental Consultant, Opira - Indoor Environment & Risk Management Services

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