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Tiikr provides significant cost, efficiency, and data quality improvements with digital forms and workflow automation.
Digitally transform your educational institution with paperless operations, automated workflows, reporting and distribution.
Tiikr works on mobile apps, on desktop computers, embedded in web pages, and through secure email links.

How Tiikr Delivers in Education

… also, in many more areas within Education that are undergoing Digital Transformation

Workflow Automation Solutions for Schools and Education Institutions

Administration is a constant and painful process across all levels of education; from managing enrollment to tracking results, there are endless ways in which implementing education workflow software can help. Tiikr can efficiently and effectively streamline your education workflow to meet the needs of your staff and students.

Tiikr allows you to consolidate the endless forms and documents that come with managing your institution. From childcare to university, Tiikr provides digital consent forms, waivers, and every other process that requires documentation, and puts it in one place. Even though many educational institutions have begun the journey to go paperless, it can often feel overwhelming when working across hundreds of services and software. Tiikr simplifies the educational workflows within your institution so you can focus on what really matters; providing valuable learning experiences.

Educational institutions rely on hundreds of moving parts to function, but can quickly be disrupted when one of those parts slips up. By implementing education workflow software, everyone from staff to students to administrators can collaborate, fully assured they don’t have to worry about keeping track of pesky documentation and making sure it gets to the right people. With our simple click to publish and distribute forms and workflows, collaborating amongst large groups such as departments, faculties, classes, or specific cohorts such as parents or contractors, has never been easier.

Unlike other complicated services, Tiikr’s software makes education related workflows easy and accessible for everyone. That means there is no more wasting time on chasing up technological errors because Tiikr delivers an uncomplicated and clean design that prioritises usability. Tiikr can be used online and offline which means that accessibility is no issue when travelling on field trips or for students to have access. Whatever your needs may be, from student consent forms to contractors records to teacher evaluations, keeping track has never been easier.

The implementation of Tiikr into childcare organisations has been extremely successful in improving education workflows. Childcare presents unique challenges for implementing workflow software; high turnover rates, complex educational systems and booking patterns, and time-sensitive data. Affinity Education Group (AEG) is an early childhood education organisation that Tiikr worked closely with to improve their systems of management. Through complete overhauls of their previously paper-based systems and implementing Tiikrs clean, usable, and efficient workflow software, AEG has achieved significant earnings improvements over previous years.  By removing the inefficiencies of their previous system, AEG has been able to work more efficiently within individual departments and hit their goals, achieve greater visibility, and minimise data gaps and inconsistencies. Tiikr understands that childcare and early education are challenging industries to work within, and in providing clean and efficient education workflows, Tiikr allows you to focus on what really matters; providing safe and productive learning environments.

Tiikr has also shown to improve the workflows of Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s). RTO’s rely on forms to manage everything from enrolment to extensions, leave and administration, often in time sensitive environments. Outsource Institute of Technology (OIT) worked with Tiikr to streamline their enrolment workflow, as they were experiencing the drain of an outdated paper-based enrolment system. Since implementing Tiikr, enrolments were able to be completed 75% faster, and OIT experienced dramatic drops in both cost and labour. With this success in their enrollment processes, OIT has now begun to implement Tiikr’s education workflow software in other areas of their administration. Tiikr offers flexible, reliable, and effective workflows that allow RTO’s to focus on providing valuable learning experiences to many different people.

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