Smarter Mobile Forms and Data Collection with Tiikr

Let Tiikr mobile forms look after the paperwork, record keeping, and workflow management, so you can focus on business operations

Tiikr workflow progress monitoring
Web Forms and Dashboard
Tiikr Mobile Forms for iOS iPhones and iPads
iPhone and iPad apps
Tiikr Mobile Forms for Android phones and tablets
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Tiikr data collection cycle

From data collection in field to data export and analysis in office, Tiikr assists your business workflow from beginning to the end.

1. Create

Create mobile forms with Tiikr’s intuitive and mobile responsive form builder.

No coding knowledge required.


Tiikr checkboxes, image capture, signatures

2. Distribute

Distribute your digital forms immediately to your audiences’ mobile devices. Your mobile forms can be single step or multi-steps approvals or follow-up workflows.

Tiikr Mobile forms distribution and dispatch
Tiikr mobile forms for daily inspections

3. Collect

Use native iOS & Android mobile apps to collect data from your audience anywhere anytime, online or offline. Tiikr syncs automatically when your phone goes online. You can also Tiikr forms online from your computer’s web browser.

4. Follow up

Follow up with multi-step forms. Significantly reduce waiting time for review, approval, authorisations, or other business workflow processes.

Tiikr workflow follow-ups and approvals
Tiikr monitor workflow progress

5. Analyse

Track and visualise your form submissions and approval process with Tiikr workflow progress visualisation tool.

6. Export

Export as CSV, Generate as PDF, or email your report. Your choice!

Tiikr data export