Tiikr forms and workflow automation How Tiikr makes work flow
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Tiikr data collection cycle

From data collection in field to data export and analysis in office, Tiikr assists your business workflow from beginning to the end.

Create mobile forms with Tiikr

1.) Create

  • Create forms with simple drag and drop form and workflow builder.

  • Convert existing forms to digital.

  • No coding knowledge required.

  • Nothing is missed with mandatory fields.

2.) Distribute

  • Simple click to publish and distribute form workflows to individuals or large teams.

  • Distribute to authenticated users on mobile Apps.

  • Distribute partial or full reports to relevant stakeholders instantly.

  • Dynamically direct workflows paths to the correct people as required.

  • Publish to embed in public facing websites.

Distribute your digital forms immediately to your audiences’ mobile devices

3.) Collect

  • Collect from your workforces, website users, email campaign recipients, and more.

  • Mobile app users can collect, save and return for later completion.

  • Form completion can take place either online or offline with Tiikr mobile apps.

Native iOS & Android mobile apps
Follow up with multi-step forms

4.) Follow Up

  • Workflow automation enables follow up actions on form submissions.

  • Conduct reviews, approvals, authorisations, or other business workflow processes.

  • Notifications ensure instant calls to action are delivered for relevant stakeholders.

  • Query or Reject forms to ensure information is correct, complete, and admissible.

5.) Analyse

  • Track and visualise forms and workflows to identify progress and keep work flowing.

  • Monitor workflows to understand operational efficiencies and pain points.

  • Gain insight into operations over time with data analysis to unlock business value in data.

Track and visualise your form submissions and approval process
Export as CSV andGenerate as PDF,

6.) Export

  • Export your data as PDF reports, individually or in bulk.

  • Export data as CSV’s for ingestion into Excel or the like for further reporting requirements.

  • Export and Import data via API’s for full interaction with external systems for sophisticated solutions.

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