Support for Coronavirus COVID-19
Healthcare and Associated Workforces

In these unprecedented times of global pandemic, many people are under enormous pressure as they work in areas either directly or indirectly affected by the Coronavirus COVID-19. Whether a healthcare worker in direct contact with COVID-19 patients or delivering compliance-based cleaning services or managing workflow pathways for goods or services, Tiikr’s forms and workflows can ease that burden.


Paperless forms are Easy Forms

  • No Lost Forms

  • Works on Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktops

  • One Click Team Deployment

  • Automated Report Distributions

  • Eliminate Re-keying

  • Exportable Data

  • Legible Writing Always

  • Mandatory Items Eliminate Omissions

  • Automated Records Storage


Making Work Flow

  • One, Two, or Multi-step Workflows

  • Ideal for Sign-Off Approvals

  • Supports Chain of Responsibility Workflows