Is your Verified Gross Mass (VGM) management for shipping a headache? Paper Forms, printed weight tickets. Is managing and tracking paperwork a problem you could do without? Tiikr can unify all those messy SOLAS VGM requirements in a single easy to manage system.

Ensure compliance operations are performed on time, records stored securely, and results delivered to those who need it.

Supplying your shipping container VGM to comply with SOLAS requirements isn’t just a nice to have, it’s an operational necessity. Tiikr consolidates those operations into a simple, seamless management process.


Tiikr ensures full compliance with VGM compliance requirements. With mandatory fields there’s no missing required information. Use latest technologies to ensure the mass is verified. Ensure the Chain of Responsibility (CoB) through end to end operations.


Tiikr works anywhere, anytime. This means you can operate online or offline. If you are in remote or poor mobile connectivity areas, no problem. You can still complete your VGM Forms with Tiikr’s native Mobile Apps. Even if you are offline, as soon as Tiikr detects a mobile network connection your forms will automatically upload.


All completed VGM forms are automatically stored for as long as you want in Tiikr. You can also download them as individual or bulk PDF document reports. You can also set up your Forms to automatically send by email as an attachment to one or many destinations.

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