Today’s digital world demands a more flexible and responsive solution like electronic signatures. Let’s take the transport and logistics industry. This industry is involved with distributing products to the specified destination and it is important to all player in the logistics industry to decrease the time and cost in their processes and be more efficient in parallel. For businesses whose partners are based abroad whenever need to countersign documents in the process of their work it can end up taking them weeks to get everything done because of all the paperwork and it’s such a waste of time. Tiikr can allow this business to be conducted in minutes, not weeks.

Customers in this modern world are more knowledgeable and technology savvy and looking for minimizing the paperwork in their business processes. Signing documents online or on mobile help logistics businesses improve their processes. When transport and logistic services use electronic signatures, they can close their deals at anytime and anywhere. By having the e-signature feature Tiikr platform helps employees to create digital signatures easily and also sign documents that they need from mobile and desktop devices.

Electronic signature benefits logistics industry

Advantages of using Tiikr digital signature in the logistics industry

      • Reduce time
      • Reduce costs
      • Increase efficiency
      • Increase customer satisfaction
      • Close business deals both offline and online

less paperwork

Less paperwork more DIGITAL

The majority of businesses including the transport and logistics industry are becoming less dependent on paperwork and turning to digital forms. This means they are making their processes run faster, more efficiently, and with better quality information. Hence, for those companies with a high reputation, having an electronic signature is a must. Most importantly, digital forms are much more secure and accessible and thus, having an e-signature feature is an additional business security enhancement.

Logistic forms and e-signature

Which logistics industry documents can be signed by Tiikr’s e-signature?

Transport and logistics industry provide a different range of services not only locally but also internationally. IBISWorld report shows that new technologies improve efficiency in the logistics industry as they are dealing with a wide range of services. The type of form which is commonly using in the transportation and logistics business depending on their services. The common forms that can be signed electronically include: destination control statement, export packaging list, bill of landing, customer agreement, certificate of origin, commercial invoice, customer agreement, and delivery note.

e-signature for the transport and logistic industry

Tiikr’s e-signature features

Tiikr’s e-signature (also as known as a wet digital signature) provides a pen or paper quality signature. Tiikr has put considerable effort into providing a high-quality signing ability, penned with either finger or stylus on mobile devices and touch screen laptops. A quality consistent with that used on paper signed contracts for hundreds of years. Furthermore, using Tiikr’s multi-step workflows means documents can be forwarded from one party to another for agreements and authorisations to be countersigned by other stakeholders. Final signed agreements can then be automatically distributed to relevant parties, instantly.