You can use digital forms and workflows for so much more than just taking your business paperless.  Used strategically you can access precise, detailed insights into your entire business operations.

The secret behind “Office Use Only”

At the simplest level, paper forms are used for simple tasks. People use them for inspections, safety, cleaning, and inventory checklists, or a myriad of other simple form driven tasks.

At a more advanced level, paper forms have been used for compliance, applications, authorisations, or other business process management functions. These sorts of forms more often than not have an ‘Office Use Only’ portion. This means they are effectively workflows.

paperless benefitsThe paperless data harvester

Going digital and mobile with forms and workflows mobilises your business to operate anywhere and any time. It also harvests all of your user’s inputs in a standardised, storable manner. All of that form and business process data has now been captured, stored. Now it’s available for you to unlock value. Data that directly reflects how your business operations are performing. It can become one of your most very valuable resources.

By plugging the data into a business analytics system, you can easily create a Business Intelligence dashboard. Furthermore, this can give you a direct view into all aspects of how your business is operating.

Back in the world when these processes were done on paper forms or at best on spreadsheets, the work to turn them into usable insights of your business operations was laborious, prone to error, and limited in the insights you gained.

By harvesting the wide spectrum of data across all business operations, from the simplest checklists to complex workflows, you now have the tools to gain real business insights. These new malleable data resources combined with the right analytics tools provide great insights. Insights that are accessible, highly visible, and simply displayed to understand all aspects of business operations.

The great leap forward

Prior to digital forms and workflows, the distance, effort, and cost to having even a reasonable idea of how a business is operating was costly. Finally, by moving all these operations to digital, mobile, and with the right analytics tools, those barriers have been reduced to almost zero.

The value of going paperless across the business operations and undergoing true digital transformation is priceless. This is where Tiikr can help.