Like other industries, healthcare has been trying to deliver a better customer experience. Recently, healthcare professionals are relying on technological innovation to give timely and accurate care to their patients. It is important to mention how much technology has a huge impact on the patient’s quality of life. Furthermore, it is critical for the future of healthcare organisation to become more tech-friendly.

If you are in healthcare services and still using traditional paper-based forms and workflows you need to be aware of the main disadvantages and damage that it can bring to your business. We gathered the main disadvantages to show you how digital transformation is essential to healthcare organisations.

problem of papaerwork in healthcare servicesProblems of paperwork in healthcare services

Space: Paper records consume space when large amounts of data are collected. In some cases, they need a warehouse to store countless documents.

Duplication: Duplication of paper documents is relatively expensive compared with digital duplication.

Searching: Large records can be physically cumbersome, heavy, difficult to read, understand and to search.

Damage or Security: Paper is susceptible to damage and degrades over time. They can easily be damaged by human error or natural disaster.

Digital transformation in healthcare industryWhat is the digital transformation in the healthcare industry?

Digital transformation in the healthcare industry means using various standalone, or connected digitals forms. As the healthcare industry is involved with the patient’s health engagement, adopting emerging technologies can dramatically improve opportunities for better health outcomes. Healthcare industries are dealing with huge amounts of patient’s data. Hence, it is important to use the advantages of new technologies for collecting and managing all the data.

better healthcare managementHow to have better Healthcare Management by using Tiikr Healthcare Workflows

Tiikr’s automated workflows can deliver support actions in real-time. In general, Tiikr’s automated processes are clear, more accessible, and instantaneous. Tiikr’s software will help reduce doctor’s paperwork, as everything will go online. Importantly, Tiikr will help healthcare providers to improve information quality and productivity. Moreover, all information will be stored on the cloud and be easily accessed with just a few clicks.

Tiikr’s digital forms delivered online and through mobile devices maximises the opportunity to collect high-quality data, transport it to where and whom best requires it. Utilisation of the Tiikr platform and mobile apps will directly lead to the delivery of better healthcare outcomes for medical practices and their patients.