Did you know healthcare administrative staff need to gather patient’s history and insurance information every day? Did you know how long it takes for a patient to fill out paper forms? Did you know 27% of physician’s time spent on seeing patients and over 49% for doing paperwork? Tiikr has a simple way that’ll help them to stay on schedule and reduce patient wait times.

Healthcare organisations should be retaining and improving their knowledge with the latest technology because of the fast pace of work. Nowadays, lots of healthcare organisations, and especially office-based physicians have adopted new digital technologies. Digitizing healthcare is not only benefiting the healthcare industry itself, but also significantly benefits the patients and providers. Tiikr’s Digital form and workflow automation will dramatically improve the quality and consistency of information collected and will significantly reduce the margin for errors in healthcare organisations.

Here are a few examples of how Tiikr’s online forms can help the healthcare industry to enhance productivity and patient’s satisfaction.