An essential part people overlook most when moving from paper to digital forms is the ‘office use only‘ section. That is the part that makes just about any form into a workflow. After all, every completed form has a purpose. People don’t just fill them out for the sake of it.

Be it a simple approval or a multi-step business process, it is a workflow. It usually starts with that first step in a workflow where someone fills in the form or document, collecting valuable information needed to complete a form. But, this is just the start of the process. From there, it moves to the office use only part, which may be an additional single step or multiple steps before its conclusion. This makes it a workflow. 

By making the collection of form information and the related follow up workflow steps as painless as possible, and across any platform or device at any time is how to ensure the best outcome. 

Tiikr works collaboratively with customers, using emerging technologies to continuously reduce that form filling effort (what we like to call, ‘friction’) and make work, flow. 

We also mobilise workforces, improve business outcomes, and deliver vast improvements in cost and time efficiencies by enabling any organisations Digital Transformation journey. Tiikr has assisted many organisations on that journey as it can be challenging, but can also deliver fantastic outcomes.

Many issues lead to unsuccessful outcomes. Lack of company commitment to see through the transformation from end to end. Barriers created by existing systems. And gaps between the promises technology, and what is often (not) delivered.

At Tiikr, we have seen the road to Digital Transformation and understand it is no plug-and-play. Successful digital transformation is an evolution within organisations. It requires partners striving to work and collaborate together to deliver huge benefits and empower their workforces. Connecting all the pieces will ultimately provide the often, even better than promised, outcomes of a Digital Transformation success.