Ever been keen to sign your organisation up to a new online (SaaS) service? But, also had that internal debate, ‘Do we use this enough to justify the ongoing cost’?

A lot of these new services help make our jobs easier, faster, and deliver business efficiencies. However, the cost of these incremental services can quickly stack.

Square Peg in the Round Hole

Most of your subscriptions only have a couple of options. Options that don’t always fit your business needs.

At Tiikr we recognised this issue quite early. Initially went with the pay per submission for forms, a model based on the ‘only pay for what you use’ philosophy.

Turns out that many companies require fixed budgets. Especially on civil or construction projects, which Tiikr is so suited for. So highly variable month to month costs didn’t cut it. Also, if your users are filling forms all day long, the costs can start to stack up on a pay per submission basis.

So we introduced ‘Pay Per User. This model regulates costs for a known workforce, and is easier to budget for. Tried and tested, it’s by far the most common model for SaaS online services.

Have your cake, and eat it too…

However, we didn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. We recognise that the pay per user approach doesn’t work fairly for larger organisations with lots of users whose users may only have to fill out a few forms a year, or