As innovative trends continue to flourish, modern heating and cooling systems have opened a new era for better living. With the help of ever-changing technology, manufacturers keep on creating new ways to satisfy their consumers. Aside from promoting sustainability as well as performance efficiency, the power of automation has also been introduced for HVAC technology and service processes.

A Quick Glimpse on HVAC Automation

You might be wondering what the concept of automation is and how it contributes to HVAC technology. Simply speaking, the process will no longer take a massive manual intervention to an efficient process.

Going digital when it comes to HVAC installation and maintenance is now possible! Automated workflows such as digital forms can help in reducing unnecessary expenses and time. In fact, your business can save more hours on admin and fieldwork when you use automated systems. Going digital can also eliminate data errors and provide better accuracy and accountability.

Both business owners and customers will benefit from using mobile forms instead of the usual manual process that consumes a lot of time and resources.

What HVAC Forms Can be completed on Mobile Forms App?

There are five important HVAC forms that can be easily built, submitted, and managed using mobile form builder:

HVAC Estimates

An estimate is the first form that is required whether a customer is requesting for an installation, repair, or replacement of an HVAC system. There’s no need to spend time using calculators, papers, or clipboards. All you have to do is to use the mobile forms app and you can offer a professional and more efficient job estimate process.

Customers will have a more convenient way of acquiring HVAC estimates when using mobile forms app solutions. They will just fill out and submit their details and questions to receive a customized file for the estimates.

HVAC Work Orders

In some HVAC companies, work orders and estimates are the same. However, they may differ based on how the business operates. Work orders are crucial for internal record-keeping. They are also important in delegating essential details and monitoring material costs. Data accuracy is highly expected here.

Good thing that the mobile forms app allows HVAC companies to build digital forms. Important fields are incorporated to validate the data. Various options (usually in a drop-down list) to choose from can be made available, too. This feature can’t be made in paper form and a small error can put the business at risk.

Checklists for HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Checklists for HVAC preventive maintenance can be handy for HVAC service agencies. Without a systematic process, the completion of those checklists will not be in sync. There should be a customized checklist to cover