Tiikr takes the paper out of paperwork. You can easily create, complete and send entirely digital forms. Digital means mobility – the app (for iOS and Android) allows you to work online and offline and collect original signatures from parties. Tiikr also does things paper forms can’t – including scanning barcodes, taking and annotating pictures, and location capture. These forms and workflows are fully customisable, and there are no limits. If you use paper forms, you can use Tiikr. Paper site inspections, paper agreements, paper checklists? You can use Tiikr.

Tiikr Functionality Square

Have a bunch of forms that need to be completed sequentially? No worries. Tiikr does that too. By creating a workflow, you can track how long each step takes to complete, and receive notifications when work is completed. This doesn’t have to all be done by the one person, either. Say John cleans the windows, and Mary cleans the floor. A workflow can be created so that Mary receives a notification when John is done, to let her know she can start. You can’t do that with paper.

Moreover, forms, workflows and any data captured can then be exported and emailed to all relevant parties in either PDF or CSV format – so any third parties don’t necessarily need to have the app themselves. Forms for employees, suppliers and contractors can all be easily completed and distributed. Even better, it can be stored digitally! Suddenly, finding quotes invoices from three months ago isn’t such a hassle.

Not only does Tiikr give you additional functionality over paper, but it also saves you money. It’s a win-win!

Tiikr lets you focus on making your business the best it can be, so you don’t have to spend time chasing up paperwork. It’s as simple as Tiikr and flick.