WfMs, BPM, SaaS. Translation: Workflow Management Systems, Business Process Management, and Software as a Service. A variety of acronyms for a variety of outcomes. Let’s take a closer look at WfMs.

One of Tiikr’s most salient features is its ability to create a workflow process. This enables you to create steps that can then be followed methodically. These steps can be allocated to different individuals, depending on who is responsible. They don’t have to have the app, or be in the same company. All you need is an email address.

The time taken to complete each step is tracked, allowing you to identify areas for further optimisation. The first step of this workflow process also has the added benefit of being able to be embedded in a website. Perhaps you have a multi-step onboarding process when someone enquires on your website.  Your admin assistant has to input those details into your client database first, before the professional staff reply to the original enquiry and send any relevant documentation.

Still not sure how you can use a workflow?

Let’s take a look at an example.
Say you’re a motor vehicle insurance company, and you use Tiikr. Your customer Sarah has an accident, takes photos at the scene, and sends them to you as part of their claim through an online portal. This contact from the client then triggers the actioning of a workflow. Once the photos and the details of the incident are received, your admin staff Jack records the information in the system. The workflow moves to Jane, who assesses the claim.  The claim is successful, and Jane contacts Sarah to inform her of that. This workflow can then be exported and sent to the mechanic, so they may have all the relevant information at hand as well.

Workflow process

Tiikr takes the arduous process that would normally be completed over several weeks with paper, minimises it, and makes it trackable. No paperwork to be lost, and every person involved is kept in the loop. Digital transformation, made easy.

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