We all know that digital transformation is coming, and it doesn’t discriminate across industries. The transport and logistics industry isn’t sitting idle: in fact, a World Economic Forum whitepaper states that from January 2016 until 2025, there is a growth potential of $1.5 trillion at stake for digital transformation in the industry.

$1.5 trillion is a lot of money, especially within just one industry. This value comes through improving efficiency at all stages of the logistics process; from delivery to dispatch. A more efficient logistics system saves money, time and stress. It means fresher fruits and vegetables can be sold at supermarkets, it means construction works can stick to the schedule, and it even means that animals spend less time in transit between zoos.

Tiikr: a digital transformation enabler

Not only does Tiikr take the first vital step in simplifying your logistical process, but it also provides an end-to-end solution for your needs.

Tiikr is based on digital forms and work flows. Before your truck can even leave the yard, it needs to pass a safety inspection. Tiikr allows you to create a form for that inspection, and ensure the safety manager knows the job has been done before the truck leaves. But wait – what if there’s something wrong with the truck? This incident can be recorded through Tiikr’s photo capture, and sent off to the relevant party, to ensure it is fixed. If this issue keeps arising, however, data trends can indicate that perhaps the item needs to be replaced.

Next, we think about your drivers. They need to log their hours, checklists to ensure the right goods are going to the right places, and location positioning to show where they’ve been. Do they also need offline functionality so you work in remote areas? No worries. Tiikr provides all of these functionalities. When travelling between so many locations and every piece of information is crucial, the last thing you want to do is lose one of those pieces of paper. Do you want to be able to distribute the information as quickly as possible, as and when it becomes available? Then Tiikr’s what you’ve been looking for.

When the drivers finish their shift, they can finish their timesheets, send it to their supervisors for signing, and send all completed checklists to administration. No lost or damaged paper, and the information is easily shared, so your truckies can get on with what they do best.

It’s that easy.