This is Susan. Hi there, Susan!

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Susan needs to sign some contracts to purchase her new car from the dealer. Susan’s a busy lady. She doesn’t have time to waste. She wants to be able to read the terms and conditions of this agreement, and she wants a digital copy of her contract. Susan doesn’t like losing her important pieces of paper – if she can store her documents on her laptop, so she knows exactly where to find them and it doesn’t take up any physical space, then she’s happy.

But Susan doesn’t get these digital services when she buys her car. In fact, the entire process is slow. Painfully slow. She has to sign several paper documents, agreeing to window tinting, extended warranty, buying the car itself, five-year servicing. ‘Surely,’ thinks Susan, ‘there’s a more efficient way to do this. If I sign multiple times, can they at least be digital? Won’t somebody think of the trees?’