Workflow management is a fundamental issue business managers and CIO’s are still wrestling with in delivering real digital transformation. One of the challenges they are looking to solve, is how to allow users to participate in functionally end to end digital workflow across disconnected systems and organisations.

Business process and ERP software is usually designed for workflows which people use in day to day operations. With a well designed system people can participate with clarity and efficiency, albeit usually only within their own system. Outside their system is another story.

When system based business processes require interaction with outside parties, or even just with users on different systems within a single organisation, digital workflows fail. This often falls back to paper based interactions to manage that workflow process.

The need for paperless workflow

A paper based workflow ‘bridge’ may well set off an entirely new, or replicated business processes within another system. Whilst users participate effectively as part of the original business process, they’ve become digitally disconnected from it. Consequentially, the participants have only the fragile paper trail to binds the overall business process.

System bridging workflow

Whilst those interconnecting processes remaining paper based, digital transformation remains constrained. Tiikr works to bridge those impediments. It manages information gathering, sharing, and full business process fulfilment between individuals, organisations, and systems.

At it’s simplest, Tiikr’s workflow transfers information, manages users, approvals, and business process fulfilment with automated notifications and reporting to all parties.

Additionally, at its more sophisticated level, as organisations increasingly adopt a culture to open their API’s for cross system interactions to open the roadblocks to digital transformation, immediate improvements result. Operations become seamless for users, efficient for the organisation, and most importantly, much less painful for everyone involved.

Workflow APIs are the bridge to digital transformation

Organisations and software solution providers, including large corporate or governments have been cautious and protective about creating or opening API access into their systems. However, that culture is beginning to change. Both system sellers and buyers are realising that to deliver true digital transformation will require communication between their disparate systems. Tiikr seeks to provide such a bridge, whilst minimising the level of exposure to participants in any digitally transformed business.